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We offer a wide selection of memorial products including upright monuments, markers, bevelled markers, personal & family columbariums.

As cremation burials become more popular we realize that this can present different requirements. Here are some of the most popular solutions to these issues.

We offer a wide range of cemetery lettering services including adding dates and names of all different lettering styles.

We have the trained sculptors on staff that are able to take a flat piece of granite and transform it into your three dimensional story.

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Welcome stones, pet markers, garden stones & more. We can create a small memorial to a loved pet or a special welcoming piece for your garden.

Professional cleaning of monuments made of different stone materials. We take pride in safely cleaning your monument , ensuring no damage is done, and helping you honour your beloved relatives.

Our Field Services department has extensive experience working with a variety of monument types and materials as well as the tools to do any job big or small safely and accurately.

Our Campbell-Craft Guarantee offers peace of mind knowing that your monument is protected by the best warranty in the business.

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