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Our Campbell-Craft Guarantee was started in 1971 as a way for our customers to protect their monuments from unforeseen damages. The Campbell-Craft Guarantee is a one-time fee of 5% of the full after-tax, insurable value of your monument. There are no deductibles or renewal fees and claims can be made by anyone including family members, cemetery caretakers, or visitors to the cemetery. Our Campbell-Craft Guarantee is available on all of our top grade granite and covers the following:

1. The granite your monument is made of will be free of defects and will not crack or discolour.

2. Certifies that the lettering will always be legible.

3. *Certifies that our foundations will be free from defects. (*This only covers foundations installed by Campbell Monument.)

4. Your monument is protected from sources of damage including, but not limited to, stone chips from lawn mowers, lightning strikes, fallen trees/branches, vandalism, and all other possible damages.

Funds are held in trust and administered by Scotia Trust. A Campbell-Craft Guarantee Certificate is issued and mailed to you, Scotia Trust, your cemetery, and Campbell Monument Co. Ltd.  In the event that a claim is necessary the Campbell-Craft fund will pay for the cost of the repairs needed.  The back of your monument is inscribed with the Campbell-Craft logo to show others that it is protected by this guarantee.

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