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In Canada the number of individuals choosing cremation over traditional burial has increased steadily each year. ​Campbell Monument is pleased to offer a variety of options to provide a lasting tribute to your loved one.


Adding a name or date to one of the faces of the monument is the most economical method to memorialize a loved one. This work is almost always completed onsite at the cemetery.

When space is limited on the front of the monument then consider adding the inscription and/or design to the back (when cemetery bylaws allow).

We'll help to personalize and design a layout based on your requirements.


A plinth is a new piece of granite that is added between the original monument and base. Depending on the size of this new plinth, multiple lines of lettering can added as space permits.

In most cases, we can match the granite colour of the monument if that granite is still being quarried. Another option is to use a grey plinth that would match the base.

The height of the plinth can be 4", 6", or 8" high with 1-4 lines of lettering, as space permits. The width of the plinth will vary based on the widths of the existing monument and base.

When space is limited on the front side of the monument a great option is replacing a monument's base with a sloped front base with lettering.

New slope front bases can have a 4"-10" slope on the front which will allow for 2-6 lines of lettering as space permits.



When there is no longer any room on your family monument and the above options won't work it may be possible to add a secondary flat marker to one of the plots.

Flat markers are available in many granite colours and sizes to match of complement the original monument. We'll help design and personalize a flat marker with a fitting tribute to your loved one.

Please consult with your cemetery representative or speak to one of our memorialists to confirm that cemetery bylaws will allow the installation of a flat marker.


Using the existing base under your monument, we will saw a flat margin, either 2" or 4" high, across the front of the base.

A 2" margin will allow for one line of lettering and a 4" margin will allow up to three lines of lettering.

This is another great solution where there is no longer any room on the front of your monument for additional lettering.

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