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At Campbell Monument we offer several monument cleaning services to remove years of stubborn moss, lichen, dirt and debris. We know that different types of stone require different cleaning methods and our trained field services department will ensure your monument is cleaned properly and safely.

  Granite monuments are cleaned with high pressure water and the results are instant.

  Older monuments that were typically made of softer stones (such as marble, sandstone or limestone) require a more delicate approach. Hand cleaning with water and treating with an environmentally friendly biological enzyme is the safest way to clean these delicate monuments and has the best results.  Once the surface dirt is removed the biological enzyme is applied to the monument and will penetrate the stone and removes the deeper stains over a period of weeks and months.

Power Washing - Grey Granite
Power Washing - Red Granite
Power Washing - Black Granite
Power Washing - Red Granite
Power Washing
Power Washing - Marble - 005.jpg
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